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Anonymous said: What is the pricing for a septum piercing?

The regular price is $40, jewelry included. However, if you come in this week and get it done by one of Nat’s apprentices (Amanda & JoJo), then it’s $20.


"tips make it hurt less" (at Aces Tattoo)


"tips make it hurt less" (at Aces Tattoo)

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The views and opinions expressed in the following article do not necessarily represent those of Anatometal Inc. Anatometal cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of information provided by external parties. Assumptions made within the analysis are not…

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The views and opinions expressed in the following article do not necessarily represent those of Anatometal Inc. Anatometal cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of information provided by external parties. Assumptions made within the analysis are not…

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Piercings Guns and Why They Are No Good


piercing gunIt is rare nowadays to find any professional piercer who supports the use of piercing guns for any type of piercing at all. In fact, the piercing gun has been under attack from piercers and health organizations for years; some states have gone so far as to ban their use. There are many reasons not to allow someone to pierce you with a gun, some might be familiar to you and some may come as a surprise.

Piercing guns were originally developed for tagging livestock and while multiple styles have emerged over time, they all work off the same basic design. There is the traditional model (also the most common), which uses a spring that stores potential energy when part of the ear piercing instrument is pulled back. There is a disposable cartridge model and with this type of piercing gun, the stud holder and clasp holder are entirely disposable. Lastly, there is a hand clasp model, this is a newer design which does not use a spring to force the starter earring through the earlobe; instead, the operator must manually squeeze a hand grip in order to force the stud through the ear.

Sterility is a huge issue with these instruments; any kind of procedure which involves contact with blood or bodily fluids requires strict adherence to cross-contamination prevention. Piercing guns are generally made of plastic which means they cannot be placed in an autoclave (they would melt). While the piercing gun may be wiped down with an alcohol wipe in between uses, this does not guarantee sterility, and because the piercing gun can never be adequately sterilized, they are capable of passing along hepatitis and other diseases.

Even though the gun may never come in contact with the piercees ear, the hands of the piercer do; if they touch the lobe and then the gun, it is now contaminated. Another worry is that when the gun drives the stud through the flesh and the skin starts to bleed, there is no way of knowing whether or not tiny particles of blood were dispersed into the air contaminating everything around it. 


Another issue with piercing guns is the trauma they can cause. The gun forces a blunt stud through the skin, causing it to literally rip in order to make room for the jewelry. Then, it pinches the back of the jewelry in place snugly against the skin, allowing no way for the new wound to breathe and heal properly. A piercing needle on the other hand, is actually hollow and extremely sharp. It slices through the skin, safely pushing the tissue aside to make room for the jewelry to be inserted. Believe it or not, the sharper the instrument going through the skin, the less painful it is.

Piercing guns were never designed to be used on anything other then the lobe of the ear but that does not stop people from piercing cartilage or other body parts with them. The force the piercing gun exerts when it pushes the starter jewelry through cartilage, has been know to shatter it. Improper usage of piercing instruments upon areas of the body not intended for their use can lead to additional problems. Jewelry that is too short for the tissue, or inappropriately shaped (especially jewelry used in the mouth) can embed itself into the body, with the wound effectively healing over it.

Finally let’s take a look at the training of the person using the piercing gun. As discussed in last month’s newsletter, piercing is not somethingno piercing guns one can learn overnight and it is not easy! The most common place you come across piercing guns nowadays is at mall jewelry/accessory boutiques. The employees are generally trained on a teddy bear and are allowed to use the equipment within 2 weeks of starting. Improper or lack of training can lead to misaligned piercings, cross contamination, and more headache then the piercing is worth.

With all the things piercing guns have going against them, it is hard to believe that they are still in use and readily available for anyone to buy. Next time you hear of anyone considering having a piercing gun used on their body, even if it is “just for a lobe piercing” remember the reasons not to:

1) Risk of Infection and Disease Transmission
2) We Don’t All Have “Standard” Size Earlobes
(sizing of the starter jewelry may not work for you!)
3) Piercing Guns Cause Blunt Force Trauma to Earlobes
4) Possible Lack of Piercer Training
5) Poor Quality Jewelry

6) Uneven Piercings

Take care of yourself and treat your body right! You only have one after all…

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Last week to catch Nat in the shop

It’s been a great year for piercings at The Dawn of Evel, but Steph and Nat are moving to Bancroft at the end of the month, and thus ends their run at our shop. We are lucky to have two very intelligent and talented women replacing them, Amanda and JoJo. 

You can catch Nat every day this week from 1pm and 8pm, and her pricing is as follows:

$40 piercings:
- navel
- eyebrow
- nostril/ septum
- lip/ labret/ monroe
- tongue/ web
- ear cartilage

Other piercings:
- lobe - $25/1 or $40/2
- dermal - $50/1 or $80/2
- nipple - $50/1 or $80/2
- genital - not offered at this time
- others not listed - please ask for rates/ availability

Our piercing apprentices, Amanda and JoJo will be in later in the week, and they are offering piercings at half-off to help ease the transition. Please call for availability on their schedules.

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